Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blocking Data

Do yourself a favor.

Take a 10000 line list of names, etc. and put it in a Database. Now, put that same list in a single file.

Crank up a term window and a SQL client on one and command line on another. Pick a pattern that gets a few names from the list.

Now in the SQL Window, do a SELECT * from Names WHERE name LIKE 'pattern';

In a second window, do a grep 'pattern' on the list file.

Now hit return on each - simultaneously if possible. Which one did you see results first?

The grep, right!!!!

SQL is Blocking code. The access blocks until it returns with data. If you front end an application with code that doesn't do callbacks right and doesn't handle the blocking, what happens to your UI? IT BLOCKS!

Blocking UIs are what? Thats right! JUNK!

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