Sunday, May 9, 2010

ENMS Products and Strategies

Cloud Computing is changing the rules of how IT and ENMS products are done. With Cloud Computing, resources being configurable and adaptable very quickly, applications are also changing to fit the paradigm of fitting in a virtual machine instance. We may even see apps deployed with their own VMs as a package.

This also changes the rules of how Service providers deliver. In the past, you had weeks to get the order out, setup the hardware, and do the integration. In the near future, all Service providers and application wares vendors will be pushed to Respond and Deliver at the speed of Cloud.

It changes a couple of things real quickly:

1. He who responds and delivers first will win.
2. Relationships don't deliver anything. Best of Breed is back. No excuse for the blame game.
3. If it takes longer for you to fix a problem than it does to replace, GAME OVER!
4. If your application takes too long to install or doesn't fit in the Cloud paradigm, it may become obsolete SOON.
5. In instances where hardware is required to be tuned to the application, appliances will sell before buying your own hardware.
6. In a Cloud environment, your Java JRE uses resources. Therefore it COSTS. Lighter is better. Look for more Perl, Python, PHP and Ruby. And Javascript seems to be a language now!

Some of the differentiators in the Cloud:

1. Integrated system and unit tests with the application.
2. Inline knowledge base.
3. Migration from tool to a workflow strategy.
4. High agility. Configurability. Customizeability.
5. Hyper-scaling technology like memcached and distributed databases incorporated.
6. Integrated products on an appliance or VM instance.
7. Lightweight and Agile Web 2.0/3.0 UIs.

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