Thursday, May 20, 2010

INUG Activities...

Over the past few weeks, I've made a couple of observations regarding INUG traffic...

Jim Popovitch A Stalwart in the Netcool community, left IBM and the Netcool product behind to go to Monolith! What the hell does that say?

There was some discussion of architectural problems with Netcool and after that - CRICKETS. Interaction on the list by guys like Rob Cowart, Victor Havard, Jim - Silence. Even Heath Newburn's posts are very short.

There is a storm brewing. Somebody SBDed the party. And you can smell I mean tell. The SBD was licensing models. EVERYONE is checking their shoes and double checking their implementations. While Wares vendors push license "true ups" as a way to drive adoption and have them pay later, on the user side it is seen as Career Limiting as it is very difficult to justify your existence when you have to go back to the well for an unplanned budget item at the end of the year.

Something is brewing because talk is very limited.

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